"QuikDry" is a small local independent company that is run by Mike and Dina Pollock.  We've been around since 1996 and our main area of service is Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Fontana, and surrounding areas.  In 1999 we ran six vans everyday and after a while we realized we hated it.  We never signed on to be professional babysitters!  Our technicians, even though we had a few great ones, simply could not perform the same level of service that we pride ourselves on.  If a company that runs a bunch of trucks (ran by very inexperienced technicians) is what you are looking for, "QuikDry" likely won't be a good fit for you.  On the other hand if you have been down the phonebook and called every large franchise operation and haven't been impressed with the service, "QuikDry" is the type of operation you are looking for.  Never any employees or sub-contractors or pricing games or gimmicks....just good old fashioned service and high quality work.  "QuikDry" is run very efficiently so we simply don't have to charge as much as some overwhelming cost of being that way on to you!  Awesome!  On that note please understand that we will not compete with the "bait-n-switchers" on price either.  If you have never tried our service, We invite you to join the ranks of my existing clients that are smart enough to utilize "QuikDry" for higher quality work for what is less money most of the time.
Mike's Cell : 909-921-5297
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