Hours: You are welcome to call or e-mail us at anytime.  Dina also can also be contacted by texting (909) 921-4159.  We do not keep formal business hours.  However, we prefer not to be called after 10:00p.m. or before 7:00a.m. to schedule cleaning jobs.  If your situation is an EMERGENCY, please call us anytime.  We are in and out constantly but are reachable almost anytime at one of the numbers listed.  You will never talk to a useless answering service.  Either Mike or Dina is more than capable of helping you with any of your needs.  I apologize in advance if you ever get our voice mail, but we do check it constantly when we are out.
Appointments available Monday through Saturday.  Starting around 7:00a.m.

Emergency Contact Phone #'s : Call or Text