Yes, I've cleaned that type of fabric before!  Our process will clean your furniture like never before.  Safe and effective on almost any type of fabric.  (OK, snow white cotton covered in cat urine is questionable!)  I use a tool that shears the water instead of blasting it like a carpet wand.  This lets me use a high flow of water while leaving your furniture very dry.  Most furniture dries within minutes.
Click on the videos to see what I can do.
NOTE: The video clip with the bottle of chocolate syrup that was poured on it and allowed to set in for over three months shows that something like that takes a bit of work to remove.  Watch how easily the 15 years worth of soil buildup comes out though?
NOTE: This video clip is of a typical synthetic fiber sofa being cleaned.  The sofa didn't appear to be dirty, until we started to clean.

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